Privacy Policy


For the optimal operation of this app, it is necessary to collect and process certain information obtained from the device in which it has been installed. This information allows to improve the app, adapt the content optimally for each user or contact the user if necessary. In order to demonstrate that we care about the privacy of our users, we have adopted this Privacy Policy, which explains, in an understandable and easy to understand language, how we collect, store, use and disclose information that users entrust to us.

Our Privacy Policy explains:

  • What information we collect and why we collect it.
  • How we use that information.
  • The choices we offer, including how to access and update information.

These Privacy Policies try to cover as many scenarios as possible, even in many cases where the app does not even collect or process the information described in these Privacy Policies.


This application gathers the necessary information for the normal operation of our activity. In no case do we collect personal information that is not related to the activity we develop.

The app does not collect personal information from the user, such as your name or phone number, unless at some point the app requests that information and the user enters it freely, accepting your shipment. The app can pick up an e-mail address and store it so you can contact the user if necessary.


The App may collect information of two types: (1) non-personal and anonymous information automatically collected or (2) personally identifiable information (PII) manually collected upon user’s consent.

Non – personal information collected automatically

technical information, which includes certain information or characteristics about the operating system, including the type of operator or the type of browser you use, the Internet Protocol (IP), IP address and the names and versions Of the applications installed on the device, the geographical location of the device. Such technical information as mentioned above remains anonymous, that is, it does not personally identify it and is not associated with any other information that links it with the user, unless the user voluntarily enters additional information.

This information will be used to improve the application, learning how, when and where the user navigates through it.
Information that the user provides freely

If at any time the app requests such information Personal Identification (PII) that allow us to contact him, as the name or mobile phone, the user is free to provide such information. However:

If you share your IIP in an open format (for example, through social networks), the information we collect will not be protected by this privacy policy.
The IIP will not include any information collected by the application by any means other than the present application which includes the privacy policy. This means that information collected elsewhere than in this application is not covered by this Privacy Policy. It should be noted that, if in any case the app offers links to other applications, we are not responsible for the content, activity or information that takes place in them.
Personal Information is considered:

Demographic information such as age or day of birth, nationality, educational level, gender, interests or qualities.
User Information such as username and password, confidential answers to certain security questions, or similar information that allows us to only identify your account or authenticate it before giving personal information about the user’s account.

Most of this data can be obtained when the app offers social registration functionality and the user accepts the registration in the app through a social account. In some cases, the app is automatically registered with the user’s social account associated with the device and the user agrees to extend the registration when using this app.


This application does not collect personal information from children under the age of 13. We take the privacy of the child seriously, and we encourage parents to play an active role in the online education of their children at all times. Children under the age of 13 should not install our application on any device belonging to them and, if they do, it will be under the full responsibility of their parents or guardians. In case of obtaining personal information from a minor of 13 years, we will take measures to eliminate the information supplied from our server. In the case that the content of this application has received a qualification suitable for children under 13 years, it should be installed exclusively in devices belonging to their parents, guardians or anyone over 13 years. If the application requests Personal Information at any time, those under 13 should never enter such information.


We use the information we collect from the application as follows:

Customize and improve your experience and allow us to provide you with the type of content and offers that best suit your interests.
Deliver, provide and repair products or services.
Send you communications such as welcome letters, purchase confirmations, payment notices or administrative arrangements.
Establish and maintain user accounts and their history.
Contact you about our products and services and send you the best offers and promotions depending on your interests.
Study the statistics of our online platform.
Inform our customer service employees.
Establish your online account and authenticate it during your user registration.
Quickly process your requests for information.
Allow us to respond efficiently to your doubts.
Analyze a promotion or survey.
Send promotional material.
Allow us to share the information with third parties in the terms described in these privacy policies and for the purposes described in the previous points, as permitted by law.

This application may share your information (in some cases), your IIP and user information, in the following situations:

When the app is monetized by advertising, the advertising networks and / or advertisers providing the ads may require some information from the user or the device in order to offer the most appropriate advertisement to the user or to interest him or her.
When we hire companies to run and optimize marketing campaigns or ads and manage and study consumer data. These companies are only authorized to obtain the IIP and the user information strictly necessary to fulfill the task entrusted, being totally prohibited to use any type of information for another purpose than the one agreed upon. They have also agreed to keep confidential information in a safe place. In the event that this application contracts an advertising network, it is required that said network undertakes not to make a fraudulent use of the data that is granted for the normal use of its activity.
When we hire independent ad networks to display the banner advertising our app when visiting third party websites. To do this in a more efficient way, the advertising network may use and insert into your device certain technology, such as cookies, to collect non-personal information from you when you visit our application. This information is used to show ads about goods and services that best suit your interests when visiting other websites.
We often evaluate (sometimes with the help of outside companies) how our content and online services are developing. The information relayed for this purpose will rest on the server of the company and will be limited to the professional use of it. In no case, the IIP or the information of the user will be shared except for the previously established.

When disclosure is required by law or is intended to protect the security of applications, this application has the right to disclose any information collected, regardless of when it collected that information. We will only carry out this disclosure when permitted or required by law, or when we believe there are good faith grounds: (i) to protect your safety, including your property, (ii) to protect the safety of your Applications or third parties and (iii) to execute the terms of use, updates or promotions.

There are certain situations where a third party can collect information from the application. This app uses third-party libraries that offer some functionality: analysis tools, communication tools, social networks, advertisers, etc.

Analysis tools: to improve the application, sometimes we use tools that analyze the behavior of users. So we can know which parts of the application are most important and which need to be improved.
Communication tools: if at any time we need to communicate with users, we integrate third-party tools that facilitate this communication, whether through push notifications, emails, alerts within the app, etc.
Social networks: if your app connects to a social network at some point, you will ask for authorization. Once the connection is authorized, the social network will be able to access certain information.
Ad networks: In the event that this app shows advertising, it usually comes from ad networks that connect with advertisers. These networks need some information in order to provide the most suitable advertisement for you.

This application reserves the right to give certain information of the user to companies that collaborate with us or to software developers that provide some functionality of the app. We provide this type of access to such companies with the aim of generating interest in our products among the members with whom we have some type of agreement as well as to allow you and your friends to reach the type of product that we offer. The information collected by us will be treated in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy, but the use of the information by a third party will be treated according to its own standards. This application does not guarantee that the other party will comply with its security policy.


The security and confidentiality of your information is extremely important to us. For that reason we have technical, administrative and physical security measures in order to protect your personal information against unauthorized access and fraudulent use. We also periodically review our security system to insert the latest technological developments and update methods. However, despite our efforts, no method of security is completely perfect and infallible.

You can also play an important role in keeping your information safe. If you are required to create a unique password to restrict access to your account, choose a password that is difficult to find out from other users, and be careful not to disclose it to anyone. It is your responsibility to keep your password and account information at all times. If you use a public or shared mobile device, you will never be able to save the user and close your account every time you stop using the device.

Finally, regarding companies that have an agreement with this application, we require you to agree to protect our terms of confidentiality, integrity and security of any personal information that we share with them. When your personal information is shared or simultaneously collected by a third party as outlined above, or it will be obvious to you taking into account the context (such as the appearance of a third party on the phone screen) or will be notified at the time In which personal information is claimed. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to accept or decline such practices before they start. As stated in section 3 of this Privacy Policy, we do not collect personal information from children under the age of 13 and we advise you not to use our tool in any case. Thus, this application will not share information collected from children under 13 with any type of company that has signed a collaboration agreement.

In the event that we detect that any of our technology partners jeopardize your integrity or use your information to carry out any illegal action, we will take appropriate measures to sever the relationship with that provider.


If you have any questions or would like to contact us to clarify any point, please send us an e-mail to the address of the developer that you will find on the page from which you downloaded the present application.

This application reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, although it is not usual. Any change in policies will usually be accompanied by an update in the version of the application. At the beginning of these policies you can find the version number and the date they were edited. If we make a material change in how we collect, use or share personal information, we will add these changes to a new version of these policies.


Google Play services version 4.0 has introduced new APIs and an identifier code (ID) that can be used by analysis and advertising providers. The conditions for using these APIs and this ID are listed below.

Use. The Android advertising identifier is used only for purposes of advertising and user analysis. The status of the option to disable interest-based advertising must be verified at each ID access.

Association to personally identifiable information or other identifiers. The advertisement identifier is not linked to personally identifiable information nor is it associated with any persistent device identifier (eg SSAID, MAC address or IMEI) without the explicit consent of the user.

Respect of user selections. After reestablishment, the new advertising identifier is not linked to a previous advertising identifier or to data derived from a previous advertising identifier without the explicit consent of the user. It also offers the option to disable user-based advertising. If a user has enabled this option, the advertisement identifier is not used to create user profiles for advertising purposes or to reach users with interest-based advertising. Activities allowed include contextual advertising, frequency capping, conversion tracking, reporting, and fraud and security detection.

Compliance with the conditions of use. The advertising identifier is only used in accordance with these conditions, including the use that makes of it any part with which you can share it during the commercial activity. As of August 1, 2014, all updates and new apps uploaded to the Play Store must use the advertising ID (when available on a device) instead of any other device identifier for advertising purposes.